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Milk Storage & Shipping Services

Milk Storage & Shipping Services

Merck Animal Health would love to help remove hesitation amongst new moms to help them attend this conference by enabling conference attendees to easily ship (or keep cool while they carry) their breastmilk home to their babies with Milk Stork (trusted by 15k+ moms).

Learn How it Works

The cooler will arrive at the hotel as the mom checks in, and she will pump as usual, storing the milk in the fridge using the bags we provide until she’s ready to ship it back to her baby. Then she’ll pack the cooler, push the activation button, and ship it back (already pre-addressed/paid). She can also order a cooler to carry home with her and many moms use this on their final day of a trip. It comes with a standard cooler (60+ hrs. cooling time), tote bag, and instructions to help with going through TSA successfully.

Please place orders at least 2 business days before the event to ensure that your cooler(s) arrive on time!

Begin Your Milk Stork Order by clicking on the link below.

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