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Veterinary Innovation Summit + NAVC eCommerce Summit

Big news! The Veterinary Innovation Summit (VIS) is moving to Kansas City, MO to join the NAVC Media eCommerce Summit August 27-29, 2021.

The #VIS2021 event offers a comprehensive look at the future of the veterinary world, while providing an open forum for the most creative minds in the industry to collaborate. This year’s program will include keynote addresses on how changes in technology and leadership styles will impact the veterinary world moving forward, with additional presentations on topics like Deep Learning, Big Data, Behavioral Economics and more!

The NAVC Media eCommerce Summit will include expanded offerings and insights into emerging consumer-driven trends that directly affect the delivery of care, the purchase of veterinary products and the movement from separate vet and pet markets into a single omnichannel market.

Join some of the most progressive and innovative thinkers in the industry as we network, strategize, and explore the future of veterinary medicine!

Registration opens in April, so stay tuned!

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