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I heard that VMX 2021 dates have changed; can I get a little more information?

Live Dates June 5-9, 2021 

VIrtual access will be June 5- September 3, 2021. 

  • Q: What happens to my VMX registration, in-person and/or virtually?

A: Those who registered for VMX2021 will be automatically registered for the rescheduled event June 5-9. To make changes to your registration, please contact us at info@NAVC.com or call +1.352.375.5672.


  • Q: We had hotels and vacations booked for the January event, how do I change these plans?

A: If you’ve already booked your hotel through the VMX portal, your reservation will automatically be cancelled and you will have exclusive, early access to rebook your preferred accommodations for June in December. Please look out for a special message from our housing partner, ConferenceDirect for more details.


  • Q: What if I need CE earlier in the year?

A: We are very excited that for the first time in our history, we will be providing an in-person (VMX Live) and online (VMX Virtual) options for our attendees and look forward to sharing a preview of VMX Virtual in the coming months. Those registered for VMX will receive full access to these preview events, which will also include bonus content and CE sessions!


  • Q: I registered after the Earlybird price increase.  How do I get my refund for the difference?

A:  Our customer service team will adjust any registration fee and refunds will be applied to the payment used during registration.

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