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The Website Is Down or Isn't Working

  1. Are you using Microsoft Explorer as your Web Browser?  

Most versions of Microsoft Explorer are not compatible with NAVC Retriever (and many other platforms!). Please use a different browser like Google, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or DuckDuckGo. 

2. Have you added a Practice/Hospital to your Employer Profile?

Before posting a job opportunity, you will need to add the Practice or Hospital name and location to your profile. Remember, you MUST select the location from the Google Maps dropdown list that will appear as you enter the Practice Address. This is to allow the Geographic location matching algorithm to work accurately. If your address/location does not appear in the list, it is not listed on Google Maps. You can either correct this on Google or simply use an address near your location (within a 1 mile radius). 

3. Remember to also Allocate practices to Team members 

Once you have entered the Practice details, remember to allocate the practice to yourself or a member of your team you have added to the employer profile. Your colleagues will be able to post job opportunities, view candidates and award opportunities if these permissions were granted. 

4. Did you register on the GuavaVet app first using the same email address?

The app is for Job Seekers whilst the NAVC Retriever website is for employers to post jobs. Please contact us and supply the email address you used to register on the NAVC Retriever app. We will delete you app profile in order for you to register as and employer. You can simply re-register on the app using a different email address should you wish. All posted job opportunities can be viewed on the NAVC Retriever Jobs Page 

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