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How do I add Hospitals / Practices to my Employer profile

Step 1: From the navigation bar at the the top of your NAVC Retriever web page, click the Practices tab to navigate to the Practices page, then select Add Practice

Step 2: Enter the Practice name and address being sure to select the appropriate option from the address drop down list (powered by Google) when it appears as you type. Matching depends on the geographic location your practice or hospital. If you do not select the address from list, you will not be able to post a job opportunity

Step 3:
We recommend adding your practice logo to your profile

Step 4: Assign the user responsible for receiving notifications when a job seeker applies for the job opportunity being posted from the list of users you created. If you do not select a user, the admin user will be selected by default and notifications when job seekers apply will be sent to the admin email address used to register the account

Step 5:
The practice/s or hospital/s will now appear in the list as shown here

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