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Why can't I see any matched Job Opportunities?

Did you complete ALL SECTIONS of the App? Did you select your location from the POP-UP that appears as you entered your address? Did you tap SAVE before moving to the next section? 

  1. Enter a valid email address and 6 digit password to create an account/user profile after reading and accepting our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement

   2. Select your Occupation from the list

3. Allow notifications to be sent to your phone when a matched job opportunity is posted.

4. Complete the personal details section and upload a profile picture (Optional). Please be aware that when entering the location (address) YOU MUST SELECT FROM THE DROP-DOWN LIST (powered by google maps) for the app to function.  Your personal details - Name, Mobile Number, Email and Profile Picture - will ONLY be shared when you APPLY for a job opportunity and only with the employer you are applying to. Using the app is Confidential and your details remain Private. Tap Save.

5. Provide your preferences and skills to enable our matching algorithm to do its magic! Tap Save.

6. Tick the appropriate box that represents your experience and provide the requested information and something about you in the free text box. Remember to tap Save.

You're done! To view your matched job opportunities, tap the Opportunities button.

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