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VMX Badges

  • How many allotted badges do I have? 

Commercial Booth:  Four (4) allotted badges per 10×10 (or 100 SF) with an additional three (3) allotted badges given per additional 100 SF.

NFP Booth:  Two (2) allotted badges per 10×10 (or 100 SF) with an additional one (1) allotted badge given per additional 100 SF.

Startup Circle: Two (2) allotted badges.

  • What is included with my allotted full conference badge?

    •  Full conference allotted badges have full benefits, which include the ability to work in your company’s booth, access to educational sessions and CE, lunch vouchers and access to entertainment throughout the event.

    If I am a DVM, do I get CE with my exhibitor badge and is there a fee?

    DVM exhibitors get full access to scientific sessions with CE at no additional fee.    

            However, DVM exhibitors above the allotted badges must pay the full DVM registration    

            rate of $695.00. 

  • How do I purchase a guest badge as an Exhibitor?

    •  Each company will receive one (1) adult guest pass per allotted badge available for purchase in the amount of $100. Also, each allotted badge will have two (2) minor guest passes available free of charge. Please contact if you have any questions about guest badges. Keep in mind that guests are not permitted to work in the booth, do not have access to educational sessions or CE, and have no allotted lunch voucher. They are ONLY allowed to explore the Expo Hall and are welcome to attend entertainment events. 

  • How do I register my booth staff?


To register your booth staff, please login to the Exhibitor Service Center and click “Add Additional Booth Staff” at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at

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