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How to change playback speed on different content types

VetFolio offers the option to change the playback speed on most of our content so you can listen at your chosen speed! Below are descriptions and screenshots for how to change the playback speed on the different kinds of content.

1.Speed Settings For Courses: 

1.a. Courses with a teal playback bar: 
  • All videos in this format have speed adjustments. 
  • To access the speed settings: Click the gear icon, then speed, and speed options will appear.

1.b. Courses with a black playback console: 
  • Newer content of this type has speed adjustment available, and older courses are slowly being updated to include this option. 
  • To access the speed settings: Click the play button, and the speeds automatically appear. 

2. Speed Settings for Vet2Vet Videos, Feature Videos, and other content available on YouTube: 
  • All of these content items have playback speed options available. 
  • To access speed settings: Click the gear icon, then the playback speed option, and speed settings will appear.

3. Speed Settings for Podcasts: This is the only content type that cannot be sped up directly on the website, but any of the podcast listening apps (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc) do allow them to be sped up in the respective apps. 

4. Additional: Though written text like articles and proceedings don't have audio, you can find an approximate "read time" statement in two places: 
  • On the detail page in the "More Information" tab before you open the content
  • Once you open the article, you'll see it again, just below the title.

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