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How do I register a group?

NOTE: If you have completed a registration you will not be able to add attendees to your registration. You will need to start a new attendee's registration and add additional attendees through their form.

To register a group please follow the instructions below. 

Click Start your Registration

Either click on "complete this form" or the orange Start your Registration button to use our NEW NAVC sign in process. 

If you have attended an NAVC event in the past, enter the email you used to register and the password you have used in the past, or use the forgot password option to reset your password. 

If you have not attended an NAVC Event in the past, choose Create NAVC Account. 

Once signed in, you will begin the registration form.

Fill out the required fields and continue through the form until you reach the REVIEW page. 

Scroll down on this page and you will see an option for Group Registration.

Click on Add Additional Attendee.

This will prompt you to search for the next attendees' email. 

Enter the email and click Search. 

If this is a new attendee, it will show an error. Click Go Back and Fix Error.

You can either try to search a different email or start a New Registration. 

You will repeat this process until you have completed each attendee in your group. Once you have added all attendees, you will continue to the payment page, pay for the group, and complete all registrations. 

***If you found your record but it is not selectable, your record has already been used for registration. Please contact to resolve.***

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